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Backtagging: Absolutely. Sometimes I lose steam with threads or muses but generally speaking I'm always happy to pick a thread back up even after a long break, and sometimes I do just let tags sit for a long time because words refuse to happen.

Most of the time it's fine but if things seem intense please ask first.

Most of the time I'd rather skip it.

Love it.

Shipping: I love a good ship, and tend to start shipping things at the drop of a hat, but unless there is built in canon CR going on let's still start off with no shipping first. No preference when it comes to gender identities.

Is fine, as the NSFW open post implies, but I'm not really interested in writing smut just for the sake of it so there needs to be a plot reason behind why a thread is going in that direction. Both mun and muse are 21+. 


Hugging or kissing this character: If it makes sense within the scenario, sure.

Flirting with this character: Results will vary but go right ahead.

Fighting with this character: Absolutely, might want to talk things out OOC first though so we're on the same page about who wins and such.
Injuring this character: If it's anything major let's talk first, but cuts and bruises and broken bones and the like is all fine.  Ororo does have a formidable set of abilities at her disposal, something worth keeping in mind if you want your character to go up against her. If they can't take a lighting bolt to the face, attacking her probably won't work out great.

Killing this character: Most of the time I'd rather you didn't but if you have an idea throw it my way and we'll see!

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Ororo's mind is hard to read, but I don't mind your character trying and succeeding.


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