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Name: Ororo Munroe/Storm
Canon: X-men (original film trilogy)
Canon Point: End of X-men: The Last Stand
Age: 30s
Ororo has a direct line to Mother Nature, so to speak, through her mutant ability to manipulate and control weather. This means that if she is not careful, her emotions can affect the world around her in unforeseen and unintentional ways. One such example is in TLS when she is deep in thought and a thunderstorm starts to form over Xavier's school even though the forecast was for clear skies. As a consequence of this, Ororo has to keep her emotions under control, which can lead to her giving a first impression of being reserved, perhaps even a bit cold.

The opposite is in fact true, and underneath that controlled exterior you will find a very passionate woman.

She has faced a lot of prejudice and hatred in her life, and this has made her angry and resentful. This is something she tries to overcome, but in the first movie she does say that sometimes she hates non-mutants, because she is afraid of them. With that said, she still stands watch over a dying man who has spent a considerable amount of time trying to get a mutant registration act to become law, and she holds his hand in the last moments of his life. In spite of saying in X2 that she gave up on pity a long time ago, she does show a great capacity for compassion, the anger she carries inside something that she has come to rely on as a survival mechanism more than anything.

You get the sense that Storm has been hurt a lot, and to protect both herself and also innocents who might get caught in her very literal storms of emotion she has begun to use her anger as a form of shield to keep herself focused and in control. She is a teacher, and takes that responsibility very seriously. She cares tremendously about the children it is her job to protect, and would easily lay down her life for them.

She is very committed to making sure that there is a safe haven for young mutants in the world, and when Charles Xavier (seemingly) dies she steps up to shoulder the responsibility of making sure that the school is kept running. In spite of her own feelings of resentment she does believe in Xavier's vision of a world united, and she has no interest in the much more violent solutions of Magneto.

There is never any doubt about what side she is on, as she makes very clear when Logan questions whether or not she is certain that she is on the right side of the war he is at that point certain is coming. "At least I've chosen a side," is her response. She knows where she stands, and she is not to be moved.

She has no interest in mutant superiority, she  simply wants to be allowed to live in freedom without hiding, as seen in the way she questions Xavier's belief that it is important for mutants to be able to keep their abilities a secret.

She is brave, going into often extremely dangerous situations without hesitation because she believes that it is the right thing to do, and to have her team's back.

In summary Storm is much like the weather she controls, larger than life and full of warmth and beauty as well as danger and turmoil, but this is all tempered by necessary discipline. 

Setting: Since there will be people she knows in game, if not always he versions of those people that she is used to, her first priority will be to help them. Other than that she will surely make the most of all the opportunities given to her in terms of space exploration, and there will be a great deal of inner conflict for her when she discovers that she might actually have a shot at the free life she has dreamed of here, at the same time as that would mean giving up her responsibilities back home. 
Abilities/Skills: In her youth she was a thief in Cairo, so that is one skill set she has. She also has training in hand to hand cimbat. Her mutant ability allows her to control the weather, creating storms, creating and directing lightning, controlling air pressure and to some degree its temperature. She can also manipulate levels of moisture to create mist/fog. She can use her control of winds to give herself the ability to fly, kind of like an airbender.  She is more or less impervious to all these types of weather as well, able to easily put of with for example extreme heat or cold.
Good teacher (her main subject appears to be ancient history)
Combat leadership
Great knowledge of how ecosystems function

Same vulnerabilities as a regular human when it comes to injuries. 

Items: Just the clothes on her back

Network Sample: 
[ Ororo isn't entirely sure how to begin. Her usually sure footing has been thrown a little off balance by how different everything is.

Even the comforting constant of nature is not quite the same here, the energies coursing around her familiar and at the same time not, like hearing your own language spoken in an unfamiliar accent.

But begin she must, and so she takes a deep breath and turns her communication device on.

Hello, my name is Ororo Munroe, and I come from Earth. Well, a version of it.

I have a question to ask: Is there anyone out there who knows who I am? I would very much like to know if I am the only one from my home to have ended up here.

This of you who don't know me are of course very welcome to introduce yourselves anyway, I would welcome it.

[ Her lips quirk in a small, mildly self-deprecating smile. ]

I guess I'mean already getting a little lonely. I've gotten used to having a lot of people around.

Prose/Action Sample:
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Injuring this character: If it's anything major let's talk first, but cuts and bruises and broken bones and the like is all fine.  Ororo does have a formidable set of abilities at her disposal, something worth keeping in mind if you want your character to go up against her. If they can't take a lighting bolt to the face, attacking her probably won't work out great.

Killing this character: Most of the time I'd rather you didn't but if you have an idea throw it my way and we'll see!

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Ororo's mind is hard to read, but I don't mind your character trying and succeeding.


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